Winning Ball firmly believes that free to enter competitions means exactly that; free. But just because a competition is free to enter that doesn’t mean that the prizes should be any less desirable. Do you want to win an iPad? How about an iPhone X? Would a Samsung Galaxy S9 be your dream phone? What if you could win a laptop without having to pay a penny? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above then you’ve come to the right place.

Winning Ball give you the opportunity to win these elite prizes without the need to pay for the elite price tag that comes with them. Our free online competitions have incredible prizes ranging from the very latest tech and gadgets to piles of cash and luxury holidays. As with all Winning Ball competitions, the odds of winning are far greater than other competitions, and it really matters to us that everyone has the same equal opportunity to win something that is truly life-changing. Enter now and it could be you with that winning smile and a fantastic prize, and best of all it won’t cost you a thing to enter either.

iPad Competitions

The iPad is one of the most desirable bits of kit on the market today thanks to their massive capacity storage, super-sharp displays and ease of use. Anyone who knows anything about gadgets knows how good iPads are, which is why they continue to break records every time a new version is released.

But if you haven’t got £300 plus it costs for an entry-level iPad, then why not enter our iPad competitions. You could end up owning the best tablet on the market for FREE. Take it on holiday and watch Netflix on the beach, read books on it on your daily commute, take stunning photos and edit them to a professional standard with the iPad’s incredible inbuilt cameras, or make your own music playlist with the world-renowned iTunes library. There really is nothing this amazing bit of tech can’t do – and it could be yours for absolutely nothing.

Check out our latest competitions here.

iPhone Competitions

The iPhone has been the market leader for over ten years now and shows no signs of slowing down. It’s innovative technology, ergonomic design and simplicity of use have made it a favourite all over the world, and you could be the proud owner of the latest model just by entering our regular iPhone competitions.

The iPhone is a large part of the reason why Apple has become the first company in history to be valued at a trillion dollars. They constantly push the boundaries of technology and Apple enthusiasts queue up for days to be the first to get their hands on the latest iPhone models. You don’t see that for any other product anywhere in the world, so imagine being the owner of such a coveted piece of technology and getting it for free! The iPhone does so much more than make calls and send texts; it’s a music player, a mobile office, a workhorse, an incredibly detailed camera, and most importantly, it blows the competition out of the water in almost every aspect.

Enter our iPhone competition now for your opportunity to join the legions of people who put their faith in Apple and discover what all the fuss is about. Check out our latest competitions here.

Samsung Competitions

Samsung are the only company that are giving Apple a run for their money. Their products consistently rank in the top five desirable electronic products and they have achieved this by churning out an amazing product after amazing product. Whether it’s Samsung mobile phones, Samsung tablets, or Samsung TV’s, Samsung is THE company to go to for all things tech.

Our Samsung competitions are always one of our most popular because people recognise the desirability their products carry. They look great and perform even better and they carry the price tag of a quality product too. Winning Ball free to enter competitions mean that you could be able to own one of these coveted products without having to break the bank to pay for them. Imagine getting the Galaxy S9 for FREE or winning the latest Note or Tab tablet. Show off your shiny new Samsung to your friends and family and then tell them that you WON it without even paying to enter the competition and they’ll be green with envy. Check out our latest competitions here.

Laptop Competitions

Laptops have become an essential part of daily life. With free Wifi available everywhere from coffee shops, to buses, to fast food restaurants, laptops allow much more working freedom than ever. Students can study on the go, business people can work from any corner of the globe 24/7 wherever they like, or they can still be used to play online games and help you to shake off the stresses of the daily routine.

Macbook, Lenovo, Acer, Samsung, Windows, and Google all produce laptops with such stunning looks and power capabilities that the traditional desktop is almost a relic from the past. They are so technologically advanced that you can shoot, edit and direct professional standard movies with them and they could be yours just by entering our FREE TO ENTER laptop competitions.

Our laptop competitions ensure that you have the chance to win an essential piece of tech that you might otherwise have to do without. Who knows, the next time you enter a Winning Ball competition might be from the laptop that you won with one of our incredible free to enter draws!   

Tablet Competitions

Since the introduction of the iPad, tablets have become a part of our everyday lives. They can be used to entertain us, to run our businesses from, and even to just keep the kids quiet on a long journey!  Our tablet competitions offer the very latest models from tech giants Samsung, Apple, Acer, and Lenovo. You could be the proud recipient of the very latest iPad or the massively popular Galaxy Tab series from Samsung – all because you entered a Winning Ball competition that was free to enter!

If you have always desired a tablet but have never been able to afford one, well now is your chance to fulfill that dream. Check out our latest competitions here and it could be you walking away with an essential piece of technology that makes everyday life that much easier to handle.

Smartphone Competitions

What did we do before smartphones came along?! We can shop from them, plan our daily lives on them, organise our finances on them – we can even make calls and send text messages! Landlines are a thing of the past (think of how thin the latest Yellow Pages was) – smartphones are the future. Whether it’s the iPhone X, the Samsung Galaxy S9, the Google Pixel, the LG G7, or the Huawei P20 Pro, the latest smartphone is a big deal. Each new iteration is vastly superior to the next and the bragging rights for having them increase at the same rate.

If you want to win the latest smartphone rather than spending a fortune paying for it every month then take a look at our latest smartphone competitions. They are free to enter (Yes, that’s right, FREE!) and you could soon find yourself the proud owner of the latest flagship model smartphone. All of our competitions are 100% transparent and the draw is shown live on our Facebook page or at, so be sure to check us out if you want the very latest mobile phone.

Holiday Competitions

Our holiday competitions are legendary. Why? Because we give you the chance to win life-changing experiences to some of the globe’s most incredible places – and we don’t even charge you to enter. Trips to Mauritius, St. Tropez, the Caribbean, New York, Florida, Australia, Monaco – all these places that you have heard of and fantasised about visiting one day could be yours just by visiting and entering our free to enter holiday competition.

Car Competitions

Jaguar. Land Rover. BMW. Mercedes. All of these elite car companies have been producing the most illustrious cars for over a century, and with Winning Ball car competitions you could soon be the owner of one of their magnificent machines – and best of all it won’t cost you anything to enter!

Imagine for a second the thrill of your number being called in our live draw – you just WON A CAR! Not only that, but we will deliver it to your door (So make sure the neighbours are there to see you taking ownership of the keys!). All of this excitement with no financial outlay – what could be better than that? Use this link to see which beautiful car we are giving you the chance to win at the moment. Don’t forget to register and enter and we could be knocking on your door very soon with a brand new car!