Some UK car competitions are all style and no substance, but not Winning Ball. With Winning Ball elite competitions, what you see is what you get. That means we offer you the chance to win luxury cars from coveted and revered names like Audi, Mercedes, Range Rover and Jaguar. NO tricks, NO funny business, just a 100% GENUINE chance to win the car of your dreams. You see, we at Winning Ball believe in the power of changing lives and that everyone deserves a shot of owning that one item that would bring that special kind of happiness. Winning Ball give you the chance to have your fantasy car sitting on your driveway and be the envy of all your friends and family sooner than you think.  

Car competitions are an amazing way of owning an expensive possession without the financial drain. Not only do you get the thrill of being in with a chance of owning a car you might never otherwise have a chance of owning, but think of the bragging rights! You own a luxury car and all it cost you was the price of a posh cup of coffee! You’ll be dining out on that story for years (and driving home from it in your expensive car that you WON!).

Winning Ball car competitions are extremely popular for a few reasons; we are fair, we offer incredible prizes and we deliver what we say we will. There are so many horror stories of people being ripped off by online competitions but we pride ourselves on our transparency and delivering people’s dreams. The Winning Ball reviews say it all; people love our competitions and come back again and again because they trust us. To see what all the fuss is about and join the many people that have walked away with the car they always wanted, check out our latest competitions right here.

Online Competitions to Win a Car

Has your trusty old workhorse-of-a-car finally given up the ghost? Have you always dreamed of owning a luxury car but have never been in the position to afford one? Or, do you simply just love the thrill of taking part in a competition where winning could change your life forever? With Winning Ball online competitions you could soon be the proud owner of a gorgeous family runaround, a sleek sports car, or a luxury 4×4. The best thing about all this? Entry prices are ultra-low and your chances of winning are extremely high due to the small number of tickets available.

Where Winning Ball are different from other online competitions to win a car is that our competitions are completely fair and transparent. You have exactly the same chance as everyone else to win and we guarantee this by being totally honest. Our draws are held live on our website, and on Facebook, so you can see how the lottery machine is prepared and watch the winner being selected at random. Total transparency and an equal chance for all to win. No other online competitions offer such honesty with an incredible prize to boot.

What does this mean for you? It means that you have the opportunity to win a car worth thousands and thousands of pounds and enjoy the thrill of being in a competition all at the same time. Just think of the possible uses for the money that you’ll save by WINNING A CAR! You could go on holiday, get that work done around the house that you’ve been meaning to do for years, or just stash it away for a rainy day – and still have your shiny new car too.

Win Cars

If you want to save yourself a small fortune and win cars instead of paying full price for them then you’ve come to the right place. Winning Ball prize competitions are the only choice to win a car that will give you the freedom to explore the country, open up new business opportunities, or even just make the daily school run that much more bearable. With your chosen entry number you have the chance to win a vehicle that will turn heads as you drive by, be the talk of the town, and leave you grinning with pride every time you get behind the wheel.

To be in with a chance to win a car that will change your life all you need to do is choose a number, purchase your ticket and answer an incredibly easy question. Then, cross your fingers and tune into our LIVE broadcast to see if it will be you who picks up the keys to a new car and a new way of life.

Free to Enter Car Competitions

Here at Winning Ball, we want our competitions to be for everyone. We don’t think that anyone should be excluded from the chance to fulfill a dream so that’s why we offer free to enter car competitions. You read that right; FREE ENTRY to a competition to win a car!

What’s the catch? No catch; just choose a number, answer a simple question and your name will be in the proverbial hat to win a car. As with all our competitions, you have just as much chance of winning as everyone else in the draw and our live Facebook draw makes the result completely fair for everyone. For more details on how to get your FREE entry to our fabulous competitions just use the following link. Best of luck to you!

Enter to Win a Luxury Car

What’s better than owning a luxury car like a BMW, a Range Rover or a Mercedes? Winning one, of course! Our UK car competitions give you the chance to own a car who’s badge screams out decadence but without needing to pay the luxury price tag.

Imagine this scenario for a moment; not telling your nearest and dearest about your big win and then just rolling up in it the next day. Then, after they have finished admiring it, telling them that you won it! The look on their faces alone is worth entering for!

Enter to win a luxury car with Winning Ball and not only will you get the thrill of wondering if your number will be called, not only could a luxury car be yours, but you can also see how many people just like you have won previously. Our previous winners will all testify to how incredible Winning Ball car competitions are and you too could be joining the ranks of Winning Ball Winners. Check out our latest car competitions right now and we could be handing over the keys to your new luxury car very soon. Good luck!