Winning Ball entered the UK online competitions market because they were sick and tired of seeing people being ripped off by more unscrupulous competition providers. Many people who entered competitions in good faith to win an iPad, competitions to win an iPhone, competitions to win a car or competitions to win a holiday, had their dreams crushed when it turned out to be a con.

Winning Ball’s motto is ‘Changing Lives’, which is why our competitions are the exact antithesis of this. We pride ourselves on offering stunning prizes, favourable odds of winning, and 100% complete transparency between us and our fantastic players. We do this because we truly believe that everyone deserves a chance to experience the thrill of winning a valuable prize that will have a positive effect on their lives. Thankfully, we have succeeded, as the Winning Ball reviews are overwhelmingly positive and in particular praise our attitude to being fair and open.

We have been overjoyed to provided past winners with luxury items such as holidays abroad, laptops, tablets, mobile phones and even elite cars. More than anything we appreciate the difference we have made to their lives by sticking true to our policy of fairness, openness and changing lives. You name could be the next one that we announce on one of our live competition draws, so check out our competition page, discover the prize that speaks to you the most and get playing. Good luck!

Live Draw Competitions

What you see is what you get with Winning Ball competitions and that means a superb choice of prizes and an openness never before seen in UK online competitions. How do we guarantee this? Simple, we make sure that everything we do connected to the draw is in public. This means that everything to do with the drawing of a winner is done in full view of everyone who entered.

Firstly, we don’t get a person to make the draw, we use a machine to ensure impartiality. Secondly, we also only use the right number of entrants in the draw which means that everybody has just as much chance as everyone else in the draw to win. Finally, and most importantly to us, the draws are held live and in real time so that everyone can see exactly how the draw has been made. No funny business, no rigging the machines behind closed doors, everything is done live on camera.

These live competition draws are what keeps everything honest and how we can guarantee the fairness of our competitions. The draws are streamed live on our Facebook page and on our site, We are also active on Twitter and YouTube as well as on respected competition sites such as Prize Finder and UK Competitions, so you know that we are trustworthy and easy to find.

The live draws are what make us truly unique and have encouraged people to play with us again and again. To play along for the incredible prizes that are up for grabs this week, visit our site or follow us on our social media accounts.

Free to Enter UK Competitions

Other competition sites might say that their competitions are for everyone but they very rarely prove to be. At Winning Ball we like to put our money where our mouth is by saying that our online competitions are truly for everyone who wants to have a life-changing experience. To embrace this ideal, we offer free to enter UK competitions. That’s right, FREE to enter. And in keeping with our spirit of being a bit different from the rest that means that the prizes are just as good as if you paid for your entry. That means iPhone X’s up for grabs, GoPro action cameras, Macbooks, exotic holidays and much more!

Our free to enter competitions leave our competitors in the dust for style, substance and class. Win cash prizes, win computer consoles, win huge widescreen TV’s – all without having to pay for your entry.

UK Car Competitions

Winning Ball UK car competitions are the envy of other online car competitions. The reason? We have stunning, desirable cars from revered manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover and Audi and our players can’t get enough of it. Whether your trusty family car is on its last legs and you badly need a replacement, or even if you have always wanted a premium car to drive around in, there’s no better way to get it than with a Winning Ball car competition.

Our car competitions have the same rules as all our other competitions so you know that they are trustworthy, have high winning percentage rates, have LIVE draws, and we will deliver exactly what we say we will. Don’t just sit there dreaming of a new car, make it a reality with Winning Ball and make the dream come true.

Win a Holiday Competition

Online UK competitions don’t come any bigger than winning a holiday competition. Understandably, people want a break from the everyday grind and a holiday to an amazing location is high on everybody’s list. We couldn’t agree more which is why we offer holiday prizes to the very best locations around the world; America, Australia, the Caribbean, Asia, all of these stunning locations and more could be your next holiday if you play with Winning Ball.

And to make things even more enticing, be sure to look out for Winning Ball coupon codes for the chance to either play for free or get a discount on the next time you play in one of our competitions. Enter one of our holiday competitions and get the ultimate holiday of a lifetime with memories that you’ll cherish forever, all courtesy of Winning Ball, where changing lives, matters.

Prize Competitions

We have loads of prize competitions running at any one time – the difficult thing is deciding which one to enter! Will you decide to go for one of our famous smartphone competitions, where you can win anything from the latest Galaxy offering from Samsung, to the latest iteration of the ever-dominant iPhone? What about our cash prizes competition where you can win a huge lump sum that could pay for anything from decorating the house to a city break? And speaking of holidays, our luxury holiday competitions continue to get more and more popular as the destinations get better and better.

Check us out and you’ll see that we really are the exception to the rule. We make everything as transparent as possible, our prizes are to die for, and thanks to the limited number of spaces available in each competition, the odds of winning are nothing short of amazing. There are prizes worth tens of thousands of pounds just waiting to be won, so do yourself a favour and sign up to Winning Ball competitions right now.