Who doesn’t love going on holiday? It’s not just sun, sea, and sand (although that’s amazing), it’s getting to experience the food, the drink, and a new culture. The trouble is, all this comes at a price, and it means that a holiday to destinations like the Maldives, Jamaica, New York and Thailand sometimes have to stay as a dream destination.

Here at Winning Ball online competitions, we think that’s unfair. We believe that everyone deserves the chance to go to these incredible destinations and have a life-changing experience. That’s why we created our win a holiday competitions; to give people the opportunity to see famous jaw-dropping scenery for themselves, swim in crystal clear warm oceans and live in the lap of luxury and experience a different way of life. Winning Ball holiday competitions offer the chance to visit the most exotic and spectacular destinations from around the globe without having to save for years or take out a crippling loan.

Our online competitions to win holidays are incredibly popular because of the way that our competitions are structured. Firstly, there are a finite number of entries. So, if there are 200 tickets available to win a luxury holiday that means you have a 1 in 200 chance of jetting off to an exotic location. Compare that with the odds of winning the amount of money to pay for the same holiday on the National Lottery and you’ll realise that your chances of winning with Winning Ball are vastly higher. Secondly, our draws are 100% fair. We stream our draws live on Facebook and at www.winningball.co.uk so that everyone who has entered can see the result; complete transparency and an equal chance of winning for all. Thirdly, and perhaps most important of all, we deliver on what we say. The holiday that is advertised is the holiday that you win – that means no cheap imitations, no subsidiary holidays because the holiday you won is ‘unavailable’ – you win the advertised luxury holiday of your dreams.

Don’t just take our word for it either. The Winning Ball reviews are packed full of previous winners who will testify to our astounding prizes and how we truly make good on our promise to change lives with our online competitions.


Online Competitions to Win Holidays

Online competitions to win holidays are possibly the most popular form of competition to enter, and there’s a good reason why. While winning the latest phone or a cash windfall is still amazing, winning a luxury holiday ramps up the excitement to a whole other level. There’s the packing, the journey to the airport, the flight and then discovering a whole new country included. Throw in the fact that you WON the trip and that makes it even more magical.

What have you always wanted to get from a luxury holiday? With Winning Ball elite competitions you could be taking a selfie at The Statue of Liberty, snoozing in a hammock on the golden beaches of Jamaica, sampling the exquisite cuisine of the Maldives from your private beach hut, or taking in the breathtaking futuristic architecture of Dubai. Dreams really can come true when you enter our live draw competitions and winning your dream holiday destination couldn’t be simpler.

All you need to do to enter is choose a number, pay for your entry and then answer a simple question. You’ll get an email confirming everything and then all you have to do is watch the live draw to see if you need to start stocking up on suntan lotion and straw hats!


Win Holiday Competitions

Our win a holiday competitions have truly changed people’s lives for the better. By taking a chance and entering our holiday competitions our winners have visited some of the most incredible destinations on the planet. Instead of dreaming, just log on to www.winningball.co.uk or find us at http://www.ukcompetitions.com/ and enter for your chance to do something truly extraordinary.

Enter today and it could be you who embraces the sights, smells and the well known madness of Khao San Road in Thailand, takes a tour of your favourite movie locations in New York City or just relaxes in five star luxury and listens to the waves lap onto the beach in the millionaire’s paradise of Monaco. What have you got to lose?


Free to Enter Holiday Competitions

There are some win a holiday competitions that seem too good to be true, but with Winning Ball you could win the holiday of a lifetime without even spending a penny. Our free to enter holiday competitions (yes, FREE TO ENTER!) require you to answer a simple question and then you will be in with a shout of jetting off to one of any number of far-flung luxury destinations across the world.

Imagine telling your friends and family that you are going on an all-expenses paid trip to a tropical location and it didn’t cost you a thing. Take a moment to picture their faces, their sheer surprise and just how ridiculously excited you would be! We strongly urge you to look at our previous winners page to show you that it can be done. You could be the next big winner just by taking part in our free to enter online holiday competition. Winning Ball; changing lives.


Enter to Win a Luxury Holiday

If you have always dreamed of vacationing in a luxury destination but have never had the opportunity to make it a reality then Winning Ball have the solution. Enter to win a luxury holiday with us and your dreams could be a reality sooner than you think. Imagine strolling down Bondi Beach at sunset with a loved one, swimming in the pool of one of Bahrain’s top hotels, or exploring the depths of the azure blue waters of the Caribbean. Winning Ball competitions give you the chance to do all this and more with superb odds of winning, low entry prices and the guarantee of an incredible winning destination prize. Get your tickets now and make that dream of holidaying in the most spectacular parts of the world a little more realistic.


Win a Holiday

Win a holiday with Winning Ball prize competitions and not only create memories that you will have forever but experience the thrill of being announced the winner in our live competition draw. Enjoy the thrill and the tension of watching the balls being loaded into the machine and keeping everything crossed that the ball being drawn out is the one that takes you to the other side of the world for an experience you’ll never forget.

As if that wasn’t enough, keep a close eye open for our Winning Ball coupon code for money off your next competition entry. Winning Ball’s win a holiday competitions have fulfilled the dreams of many of our entrants – and you could be following in their footsteps just by entering. Best of luck to you!