Winning Ball are the competition page with a difference. ‘What makes us so different?’ you might ask. Well, our mantra is Changing Lives, and we truly believe in that message. We think that everyone should have the opportunity to have something that will make a significant difference to their lives, whether it’s the latest piece of tech, a pile of cash, a new car or a luxury holiday.

Each one of these things has the power to turn a life around, which is why we offer them as prizes. BUt it’s not just the prizes that Winning Ball offers that makes us unique, it’s the way we conduct our draws too. In an unprecedented move, we make all of our draws 100% fair and 100% transparent in a bid to keep our players in the picture and with a better-than-average chance of winning our incredible prizes.

We pride ourselves on our ability to promote a prize and deliver what we advertise. There are none of this substituting prizes for pale imitations or closing the competitions if not enough people have entered and not offering refunds – that’s not the Winning Ball way. We supply the advertised prize with no exceptions and if a competition doesn’t take off for whatever reason then you will be offered entry into another competition instead. We even offer FREE ENTRY competitions too.

In keeping with Winning Ball’s policy of transparency, we post genuine reviews of our services for all our players to read. The Winning Ball reviews speak for themselves; they commend our wide variety of competitions, the quality of the products we offer as prizes, our ability to follow through on what we offer, and, most importantly to us, our complete transparency where the draws are concerned. Check out the very latest Winning Ball reviews right here, then find out what incredible prizes we have on offer this week by either visiting our Facebook page, or by visiting

Is Winning Ball a Scam?

We understand that people are wary of competitions on the internet. There are so many fraudulent competitions going around and our prizes are so coveted that you would be well within your rights to wonder is Winning Ball a scam?

The answer to this is a resounding NO. We pride ourselves on being one of the few competition sites that offer 100% transparency. To enforce this ideal we introduced the following policies;

  • Live countdown – All of our competitions have a real-time clock on their respective pages, so you know exactly when a competition is due to end. If the competition needs to be extended because there haven’t been enough entries, you will be notified and the clock will be reset.
  • Everyone has an equal chance of winning – we believe that rigged competitions are abhorrent, which is why we use a lottery machine to decide the outcome of our competitions. There are a finite number of entries per competition and that is the number of balls that go into the machine, no more, no less. Also, the lottery machine makes the winning ball selection, not the host of the live draw, so the winner is drawn completely impartially.
  • Live draws – Our draws are held in public, no hiding behind closed doors. The balls are poured into a lottery machine and drawn in real time, live on air. There are two places that you can view these draws; on our website,, or on our Facebook page. This is the same for all of our competitions, whether it’s a car competition, a smartphone competition, a holiday competition or a cash prize competition. All the draws are held live for maximum transparency.

Winning Ball Competition Reviews

The Winning Ball competition reviews are positive because we stick to our mantra of Changing Lives and do everything possible to make people’s dreams come true. We believe that people have had enough of internet scams and fake competitions, and want to restore people’s faith in humanity by giving back a little. That’s why in addition to offering stupendous competition prizes like iPhones, iPads, tablets, Go Pro’s, holidays to paradise and new cars, we offer the chance to enter for free.

Enter for free to one of our competitions and you have just as much chance of winning as someone who has paid for their entry. This may sound unusual but it just ties in with our belief that everyone deserves a chance to fulfill a dream, regardless of their economic situation. Our reviewers seem to agree because the thread is full of happy players commending our policy of being truly inclusive for everyone. Our prizes are some of the best around and our draws are fair, which is why people come back for more with each new competition. See what you’re missing out on by visiting our latest competition pages now.

Winning Ball Winners

Previous Winning Ball winners are only too happy to tell people of the positive experience that they had playing Winning Ball competitions. They have entered our win holiday competitions and jetted off to exotic locations. They have taken part in our car competitions and collected the keys to a new car that has changed their lives beyond measure. They have won big on our smartphone competitions and walked away with the latest mobile phones costing in excess of £800. This could so easily be you, and with limited spaces available on all our competitions, your chances of winning is so much higher than some other online competitions. Don’t delay as places are limited – be in with a chance of winning amazing prizes by visiting and discover which competition you want to enter the most. We wish you the best of luck!

Winning Ball Coupon Codes

If all this weren’t enough, we at Winning Ball want to give you one more opportunity to have a life-changing experience with us. We are offering Winning Ball coupon codes which will allow you to gain anything from free entry into the draw of your choice, to a discount on your next entry with us. Visit the website or check in regularly with our Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts for more information on how you could win big for less.

UK Prize Competitions

Winning Ball’s UK prize competitions are amongst the best there is. No other company offers a greater choice of competitions, combined with astounding prizes and a 100% legitimate winner-picked-at-random guarantee. Online competitions to win a holiday, a car, gadgets and Apple products either rarely follow through on their promises or cost a fortune to enter. We at Winning Ball are the exception and we take great pride in changing lives through our positive giving attitude and fairness for all involved. See for yourself just how Winning Ball has earned its deserved reputation for excellence by taking part in one of our superb competitions and win yourself something that has a massive positive impact on your life.